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Peninsula Charleston The biggest reason people choose Charleston over other cities as their home is because of all the fascinating things to see and do. Each of our unique area beaches has a flavor and atmosphere all its own, you have many choices of waterways from Lakes, black water rivers, the Inter-Coastal Waterway, and an endless selection of creeks, rivers, marshes, bays, canals…pretty much anything you can imagine. Along with the proximity to a wide variety of waterways comes access to beautiful pristine nature sites.

The Ace Basin to the South of Charleston is an absolute treasure, and the Francis Marion National Forest to the North offers a truly awesome spectacle of plants and animals. We could go on for pages and pages with all there is to see and do in the Charleston historic district and recommend a two hour walking tour for starters.

If you're intrigued by the horses and you must do a carriage ride, by all means indulge yourself, but if you want to have a more thorough experience, motor and walking tours offer more information and cover more ground. Whatever you do, make sure to make time for a Harbor Tour. You don't necessarily have to take the time to visit Fort Sumter. There are tours that just ride you up the Cooper River a bit and around the harbor. For more information on tours and other things to do, we recommend a visit to our places to visit section at Charleston's Finest City Guide Attractions.

Charleston's history dates back to the 1600's when settlers first landed in what is now Charlestowne Landing. She grew to become our nations 5th largest city behind New York, Boston, Richmond, and Philadelphia. Kindly referred to as "The Holy City" because of all the church steeples clearly visible in her skyline, she was a decadent port city for much of her history and still maintains a robust nightlife. If you're coming for a visit, and you're up to the investment, we strongly recommend spending the night downtown in the heart of the historic district.

If it's a little too strong for your budget, there are some choices very close by within a five minute drive some of which offer free or reasonable priced shuttle service to downtown. There are plenty of family activities from the very popular carriage rides to The Children's Museum to Carolina Ice Skating.

Whatever you do, make sure that sampling your favorite selections of the many things to see and do dominates your schedule and your spending. There will be plenty of time to find your new neighborhood and if you don't get a chance to fully experience what Charleston has to offer, you might miss the whole point of why so many people are moving here.

The restaurants alone are reason enough to endure the tremendous suffering associated with a move. I won't go into detail here... just visit our Dining Guide, if you'd like to hear more. Some people have made the mistake of spending two days looking at neighborhoods - save that for after you've decided to move here. Two to three hours of touring neighborhoods should be plenty to get the idea. To make this chore easier for you, we've provided a brief summary of the different communities.

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