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Beauty & Fitness In a city where people work hard and play hard, it's important to remember to take care of oneself. Your appearance plays a role in how you are perceived personally and professionally. Project a rested and healthful appearance by utilizing all available in Charleston to keep you fit and looking vibrant.

Reduce your stress at yoga and stop those wrinkles in their tracks! A cardio class workout at one of the many fitness centers in Charleston will not only energize you and keep your brain sharp for your professional life, but it will also ensure that your physique looks toned and will put a healthy flush in your cheeks. Build both confidence and strength with resistance training or free weights with a personal trainer. Find a fitness center, dance class, yoga room, Pilates class, martial arts, kickboxing, whatever gets your blood pumping. Have a healthy shake. Consult a nutritionist. Change your diet. Change your life. Move! Get your health on; you'll look and feel great.

Then, for the other half of your beauty regimen, choose from a multitude of Charleston spas and salons that have trained and certified professionals eager to administer the latest techniques in skin, hair, and nail treatments. Complete the smooth complexion feel after your facial, treat yourself to hair removal for all over velvet skin. Find your premium colorist, stylist, or manicurist to help you find the perfect look for you or the perfect look for this week. Get a wrap or have a massage with hot oil and stone and feel the tension melt away. Do what it takes to take care of yourself. You'll find you are more productive in your professional life and more attractive in your personal life when you do.

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