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Charleston Weather Charleston's Finest City Guide weather guide includes the 10 day forecast and to help you plan your trip or thinking of relocating to the area check out our average temperature scale below. You'll find Charleston the perfect place to play, vacation, work, and retire. Ya'll come visit us!

Year Round Average Temperatures

January: average high 60 - average low 38

February: average high 62 - average low 39

March: average high 68 - average low 45

April: average high 76 - average low 53

May: average high 83 - average low 61

June: average high 88 - average low 68

July: average high 89 - average low 71

August: average high 89 - average low 71

September: average high 85 - average low 66

October: average high 76 - average low 57

November: average high 68 - average low 48

Decemberr: average high 61 - average low 39

Today's Weather and 5 Day Forecast
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